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Enjoy the most-watched videos on creation, evolution, marriage, false teachers, salvation, FAQs and more on BIBLE SURF

Watch YouTube video of Paul Washer questioning youth if they are really Christians.
57 min  •  4M views and 373K views on YouTube  •  Video  •  Paul Washer

Paul Washer shares a shocking message at a youth conference about 20 years ago that is still relevant today.

Watch video of atheist denying God  when interviewed by Ray Comfort
62 min  •  4.1M views  •  Video  •  Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny God exists. A number of atheists enter into a place of honesty that is rarely seen on film.

Listen to John MacArthur explain why God allows so much suffering in the world.
65 min  •  7.4M views on YouTube  •  Video  •  Audio  •  Text  •  John MacArthur

John MacArthur addresses one of the most frequently asked questions on stage at Ligonier's 2008 West Coast Conference.  (Grace To You)

Listen to Ray Comfort explain why so many people fall away from their faith.
52 min  •  Audio  •  Text  •  Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort addresses why 80–90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the biblical principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost?

Watch Ray Comfort interview a young man who doesn't believe in God,, then changes his mind.
10 min  •  Video  •  Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort, a Christian evangelist, talks about Jesus with a young man who doesn’t care much about Christianity at first.

Watch YouTube video of Steven Lawson, the battle for the mind.
24 min  •  143K views on YouTube  •  Video  •  Dr. Steven Lawson

The greatest battles of the Christian life are not waged outwardly; they take place on the invisible battlefield of our minds.  (on YouTube)

Creation and evolution – best websites

Watch Philip De Courcy explain what Biblical masculinity should look like.
71 min  •  Video  •  Audio  •  Text  •  Philip De Courcy

Philip De Courcy explores the importance of confident, courageous, and clear-headed men within the church. (Know The Truth)

Watch Justin Petersexpose false teachers in the word-faith movement.
65 min  •  2.3M views on YouTube  •  Video  •  Audio  •  Text  •  Justin Peters

Justin Peters focuses on teaching the sufficiency of God's word and exposing the false teachings of the prosperity, health and wealth gospel.  (on

Video of Ken Ham discussing the importance of Genesis 1-11.
63 min  •  2022  •  Video  •  Audio  •  Ken Ham

Ken Ham explains the importance of Genesis 1-11 and how it deals with race, the sanctity of life, marriage, creation, age of the earth, gender, suffering and more. It's full of charts, graphics and surveys. A must watch! (on

Watch video of the answer to: Is once saved, always saved true?
4 min  •  Text  •  Video

Watch video of what the Bible says about getting a tattoo.
4 min  •  Text  •  Video

Watch video of what happens to people after they die.
3 min  •  Text  •  Video

Watch video of: Should women be pastors?
8 min  •  Text  •  Video

Watch theGenesis Impact Movie where museums falsly represent apes with human-like features.
68 min  •  396K views  •  Video on YouTube  •  2020

This YouTube video dismantles Darwinian evolution.
45 min  •  Video on YouTube

Watch video showing that the fossil record shows that creatures did not evolve over time.
2 min  •  Video (Institute for Creation Research)

58 min  •  Video  •  5.2M views on YouTube  •  2017

" I love listening to these talks while driving or running errands. I'm learning so much during the time in my day that used to be unproductive. "

Terese M.

Watch YouTube video of Justin Peters exposing false teachers in the Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel movement.
28 min  •  11M views on YouTube  •  2011  •  Video  •  Justin Peters

Justin Peters teaches a biblical eye-opening seminar around the world that exposes the deceptions of the prosperity gospel.

Justin  (on YouTube)

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